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Welcome to my Practice


Seeking counselling can be both a relief and a daunting prospect. You may, for example, be experiencing a particularly difficult life event, persistent emotional difficulties or a lack of direction. Allowing yourself the time to explore your issue with a fully trained, empathic therapist can help you discover the route back to where you want to be.

During the therapeutic process my focus is to create a warm and relaxed relationship - I will be there listening empathically and non-judgmentally to you. I have a down to earth character and am not averse to encouraging humour in the counselling process when suitable!

Not only am I trained in several counselling theory models, I also have experienced my own personal fears and difficulties, which I believe allows me to understand my clients even more acutely. 


I ensure that our sessions are safe, secure and confidential. Working closely together we will develop a strong therapeutic relationship within which we will be able to explore your experiences, feelings and behaviours.


Collaboratively we will devise a realistic contract for us to follow, which will be driven by your needs and wishes of how you would like to make changes in your life.

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