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My counselling approach 

When we first meet I will ask you about your health, family, work and general life style. We will also discuss what has brought you into therapy at this particular point. This session is a chance for both of us to discover whether we will be able to work together. If I do not have the required skills I will be able to refer you on to someone with the necessary specialism.
After the initial assessment we will meet weekly face to face, or on line, for 50 minutes. During the first few sessions we will explore your present circumstances and how the past may have impacted on them. During this time we will be able to create a working contract. Subsequent sessions will focus on how a shift in feelings and behaviours are achievable through deeper exploration and the use of specific tools.  I generally see clients for 6-12 weeks, but also see others for longer term work. 
As a humanistic counsellor I believe that the environment that I create for my client is key for progress to be made. I am led by my client, rather than the other way round. I am attentive, empathic and genuine, as well as non-judgmental. The focus throughout the therapeutic process is my client, not myself.
There are many humanistic theories. I have found Person-Centred, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis to be particularly effective. I also integrate tools I have gained from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. However, as every client is unique I use the mixture of models that I think will be most beneficial for them at that time.
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